WHAT MAKES US PROUD? ... this does!

Sami & Shawn

Our photographers Matt and Maja were awesome. They took some amazing pictures. Thank you guys so much!


I was looking today again photos of my boy ...and I want say once again how good job you did! Mateo in his mood but two of you had so much patience to wait and catch that perfect moment of him and that smile...i thought i will not see ...but again you were perfect with him. I am extremely happy that Maja Sokolic Skrinjar and Matjaz Skrinjar did amazing job and gave us the most beautiful photos of our baby boy!

Meghan & Josh

Maja and Matt are completely phenomenal. They are very easy going and made the whole session so much fun! We coordinated for weeks due to our busy schedules and even had some requests for pictures ( As shown, we asked if we could take pictures with Josh’s truck) and they were nothing but flexible and very professional when it came down to it. This was our first set of professional photos done together, so we did not know what kind of experience we would have but we can gladly say both of our expectations were beyond met! We adore all the photos they took and can honestly say we are having a tough time narrowing down which of them to frame. Again, thank you guys so much for all the beautiful photos you did for us, we love them :)


Experience with Maja and Matjaž was very pleasant! That was our first photo experience that way. So we didn’t know how to take poses and how to act so the photos would turn out great! Of course we had stage fright at the beginning but they made it so relaxed so in one time we were not aware that we are photographed.The ambiance was perfect-they made it like that and we enjoyed it! Maja and Matjaž know exactly what to do that photo shooting turns out great! They are very professional and very pleasant to hang out with. Final product is wonderful ! Photos are beautiful. They made all of our wishes come true!

Valerija & Tomaz

On our special day we wanted a photographer who is relaxed at its work, skilled and professional. We didn’t knew Maja and Matjaž from before. We meet for the firs time when they presented to us their work. The very first feeling was positive, which has quickly help us on the way to our definitive choice who our wedding photographer will be. On your wedding day you do not need merely formal photographer, but someone that will give something of him/her self in to the photos. And that is exactly what we wanted and we got it! They were undetectable, relaxed, resourceful , cheerful and of course professional . That day they lived for us , and they brighten up every particle part of our wedding day. Between our photo shooting they were able to find just the right moments without much posing and setting to the lens . Finally, the photo album confirmed their good work and that photos are more than we dreamed of. We are very happy that we trusted photographing our wedding day to Maja and Matjaž. Not just professional but also because of their personalities and availability. Everything was without any pressure or complications. They bring into us relaxed atmosphere and that is what that day you particular need. Therefore, thank you from the heart ! We will be definitely see each other on some other occasions ; )

Sara & Luka

Maja and Matjaž were our wedding photographers and I must say that we love them. It was in itself a beautiful day and in the most part it was really stressful to try to get everything together. Until a certain moment we haven't even noticed that they were right there taking photos which turned out to be one of the best ever. It's their professionalism and the sense of the right surroundings which made the photos more than just memories of a wonderful day, they are pure art. It is kind of hard to know how you want a photo to look like when taken and we just leaned in and let them tell us what thought would look good and played with it. It was easy, natural and they got the very best out of it. We love you and thank you soooooooooo once more!!!!

Anja & Matej

When Matej and I decided to seal our seven years long relationship and our two sons, we immediately know that Maja would be our wedding photographer! I know her from the high school and I know that because of the influence of her father, photography is in her life since she was born. And the most of all we both like Maja’s work. When we started with our wedding preparation meetings we met Matjaz too and he instantly grown in to us. They make a perfect couple! We wanted a small wedding and Maja and Matjaz respected all of our wishes. They went and look where the ceremony will take place, they met with the priest and they prepared the wedding scenario. That’s why on our wedding day everything went perfect! It was all smooth, relaxed and fast. We haven’t had any previous photo shooting experience but because they made such relaxed ambient with a lot of laughter, we rocked! ☺ We recived photos and a photo book as we were told. Maja also made us a thank you cards and she proved us how talented she is in that field too. Really everything was more then perfect! We have so many good words about Maja and Matjaz that nobody would belive us! But everything is true! My opinion is that when it comes to wedding is the most important to invest in your wedding rings and good photographer! Those two things you have for life! And when the autumn of my life comes I will go to the nursing home with the best photos of my wedding and I will be proud to show it to everybody! It was the day when I truly felt like a princess! Thank you Maja and Matjaž!

Tiffany Papirny

Maja and Matt you did such a fantastic job capturing the characters that make our family unique. Thank you so much for your patience and time. We LOVE our photos.

Vesna Farden

Recently we used Matt and Maja's (M2S Photography) services to take our family photos: We love their work. Not just the final product, which is beyond our expectation, but also spending time with them during the photo shoot. They are professional, efficient but fun and highly engaging. Another huge advantage of Matt and Maja's services is that they will come to any location and so, doing this at our home and yard was highly convenient. I also used them for some business photos and was impressed by their flexibility and willingness to experiment with different locations, poses and backgrounds. I would highly recommend their services.

Tjasa & Andrej

Photographing our wedding was perfectly implemented! It was relaxed, spontaneous, and the ceremony was not interrupted. They caught the key moments in their camera. Despite the rain, they were not confused and showed extremely high skills, enthusiasm and will to make perfect photos. We are particularly fond of those photos! They are the best! Maja and Matjaž are simple, sociable and accessible to everyone. They are professional. We are very satisfied and happy that we had such fond memories of our special day .In particular, we were impressed with thank you cards , which are very nicely designed! Maja and Matjaž never disappoint!

Klementina & Bostjan

We are so thankful for the pictures of your fantastic session, and the DVD you mailed to us – so kind! Thank you so, so, so much. The photos that you took of us are wonderful … the memory of that lovely hours we spent together will remain forever in our hearts. :)

Nina & Joze

We’ve just received our wedding images, wedding book and we just couldn’t catch a breath! You captured a lot of special and emotional moments in the pictures, and we laughed out loud just by looking at some. We’re incredibly happy with the way you captured the colours and the light, and what you two managed to do in our tiny house. Thank you so much for all the effort, we can’t believe how fast we got the images and how beautiful the packet was. And of course thank you for the surprise! Its incredible!

Ana & Peter

Thank you SO MUCH for capturing our wedding day so beautifully. You truly captured the spirit of the day. It wasn't easy because all the rain that was pouring all day long! You made our day so special!! "

Zala & Tamara & Marko

Maja and Matt took photos of us already a few times. First as a pair, then during pregnancy and later as a family. We are really satisfied with their photos and the albums they prepared. When we get married – someday :) – we won’t hesitate to choose them as our wedding photographers. We can nothing but recommend M2S!


My experience with Maja and Matt has been very delightful! As new parent, I was very worried and nervous but Maja’s calm and professionalism eased my tensions and made my sessions a memorable experience. jljl Pictures are very maternal with a right touch of sensuality which makes me feel beautiful even in late stage of pregnancy. All this adds to perfection Matt and Maja created during our session. Without changing the set they manage to create the feeling that shooting was done on multiple locations and some of them even have an outdoor, sunny feel even though the shooting was done inside on a rainy winter day. What is important is that I was feeling relaxed, focused and still spontaneous. Maja’s creativity and attention to detail follows amazing results. We look forward to our remaining sessions with Maja and Matt and would like to thank them for being apart and documenting the most important moments in our lives!”

Natasa & Miha

I personaly don't like photoshooting, but when we did it together with Matt and Maja - it was simply the best. We had a great time together that day. I hope, we'll do it again someday. Oh, I have to tell you ....that Wooden Photo Box we got - it's beautiful, so sofisticated. We love what you did. Thanks!


I personaly don't like photoshooting, but when we did it together with Matt and Maja - it was simply the best. We had a great time together that day. I hope, we'll do it again someday. Oh, I have to tell you ....that Wooden Photo Box we got - it's beautiful, so sofisticated. We love what you did. Thanks!

Daniela & Dalibor

When you have a big event like wedding, you definitely need somebody with a high level of professionalism, creative and innovation. Thank you Maja and Matjaz for being part of our big day.

Nina & Grega

Maja asked me to write something short about our session last summer and it’s only appropriate I keep it short, because our session was extremely fun, efficient and short J I know that the fact that we know each other so well and that we trust her and feel so comfortable around her made us forget that there even was a camera present… but add her ability to catch the right moments on top of that and you cannot but get great results. Frankly we were able to just be ourselves and simply have fun. We all did and the photos reflect that. The most amazing thing about the session (for me) was that Maja found the time to do it in the middle of her own wedding fever- do you know a bride-to-be to do such a thing? Time was pressing, for they were leaving for Canada shortly after the wedding. Now you lucky people are to enjoy their company and art and we will catch them, when they visit us back home or vice versa. Not surprisingly, we wholeheartedly recommend Maja and Matt when you decide, like we did, that it is high time, we get some pictures taken- the right way and with the right people. Nina and Grega

Ashleigh & Paul

Thank you Maja & Matt for our engagement photos! You guys did such a great job I definitely would like more pics done by you in the future! Thank you again and I appreciate it!

Sabina & Klemen